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Political Method

    To use democratic methods and legislative processes for resolution of all disputes, issues and problems


  1. The party shall pursue peaceful resolution of the Kashmir problem as per the will and aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir State.
  2. To engender sustainable peace in J&K by making the people politically empowered, economically prosperous, socially emancipated, ethically evolved, culturally enlightened and environmentally conscious.
  3. To leverage the geo-strategic position of J&K to make it the gateway to Central Asia. A “Look Up-North” center for the Subcontinent.
  4. The party shall work towards reviving the centrality of Jammu and Kashmir State to the ancient Silk Route civilization so that Jammu and Kashmir can reemerge as a corridor of peace between various South Asian neighbors.
  5. The party shall work for the upliftment of ethnic, linguistic and religious minorities in the State and work for the peaceful and dignified return of Kashmiri Pandits to their homeland.
  6. To seek adequate political representation for under-represented communities like Budhists, Sikhs, Christians and Kashmiri Pandits.
  7. The party shall protect the special status of the State as per the existing Constitutional arrangement.
  8. The party shall strive to rebuild J&K as an inclusive pluralistic society with religious, ethnic, linguistic, and geographical diversity and to revive neglected cultural traditions and arts like Dogra art, Budhist heritage and other folk traditions.
  9. The party shall promote sustainable development strategies and ensure protection and preservation of the environmental and cultural heritage of the state; building a peoples movement around the safeguarding of mountains, forests, meadows, water bodies, lakes, rivers, springs and other green spaces besides the diverse cultural traditions, art and craft, historical monuments and intangible heritage of the state.
  10. To build a progressive, gender sensitive political institution with traditional values and modern sensibilities to give women equal rights and representation in all spheres, be it constitutional, legislative or administrative.
  11. To be a youth centric organization in terms of the cadres, strategies, agenda, and aspirations.
  12. The party shall focus on job creation to end the unemployment of educated people, skill development of youth and ensure transparency in the recruitment process.
  13. To incorporate the vision of the Diaspora and their aspirations into the developmental journey of the State.
  14. To address the regional aspirations of the people of Jammu, Kashmir, Peer Panchal, Leh-Kargil, Chenab Valley and ensure equitable regional development through level playing field, access to and entitlement of national, state and regional and local resources.
  15. To build a governance structure that is in line with the needs and requirements of the state.
  16. To empower the elected representatives at all three levels for grassroots participatory governance in the state and give power back to the people.
  17. To evolve a transparent system of allocation, and distribution of all government’s commercial activity.
  18. The party shall promote a culture of tolerance and people to people contact between people of Jammu and Kashmir and rest of the country.
  19. The party shall seek to build an environment of justice and reconciliation in the State of Jammu and Kashmir by addressing the aspirations of all regions and communities.
  20. The party shall work for securing equal rights and opportunities for women and their full participation in the collective social, cultural, economic and political life.
  21. The party shall work for the uplifting of the marginalized communities like Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribe, Gujjar, Bakerwal, Pahari, Dard-Shina, Balti, and various religious and ethnic minorities like
  22. The party shall seek justice for the disadvantaged sections of the society; people affected by violent conflict, people living close to LoC/ALC and International Border, persons with disabilities, senior citizens, single parents, transgenders, Mahigeer, homeless displaced people and other depressed classes.
  23. The party shall seek to promote a culture of transparency and accountability and ensure that the dignity of the people of Jammu and Kashmir is of paramount importance while delivering economic development and good governance.
  24. The party is committed to the task of building a developed democratic Jammu and Kashmir State based on principles of equal opportunity to all citizens.
  25. The party will endeavor to campaign against evil influence of money power and muscle power vitiating the democratic politics.
  26. The party will pursue to provide, education, health facilities, accessible and quality infrastructure and security to all the people of Jammu and Kashmir state.
  27. The party will promote employment, ease of doing business and industrial development and will provide the facilities to the people of Jammu and Kashmir as per the eligibility basis without any discrimination and work for the welfare of farmers. Reorienting education and research towards the demands of Fourth Industrial Revolution and arrival of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and nanotechnology.
  28. The party will achieve its objective through peaceful and democratic forms of campaigns like meetings, seminars, conferences and rallies. It will also raise the contemporary issues affecting common citizens during election campaigns.
  29. To put in place a framework for consultative policy making where all stakeholders including Non-governmental, voluntary and civil society organizations shall play a decisive role in policy formulation on political, economic and social issues.

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The party shall seek to resolve the long pending Kashmir problem through peaceful means as per the will and aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir state

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Poltical Justice, Dignity, social action, improved Governance, Public Accountiblity & well being of people of Jammu and kashmir

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