List of Constituency/Tehsil Incharges [Jammu Province]

Mr. Nazim Qazi
Coordinator Chenab Valley
Contact Number: 9596687407

Mr. Touseef Khalid
Coordinator Inderwal Constituency
Contact Number:: 9906308985

Mr. Ashiq Hussain
Coordinator Tehsil Bunjwah.
Contact Number: 9797424220.

Mr.Gulzar Ahmed Matoo
Coordinator Tehsil Drabshala.
Contact Number: 9906039133

Mr.Aamir Mukhti
Coordinator Tehsil Thathri.
Contact Number: 8803551852

Er. Sheikh Wajid
Coordinator Tehsil Chatroo.
Contact Number: 9622020925

Mr.Mudasir Ali
Coordinator Tehsil Kahara Bhalessa.
Contact Number: 9858239439

Mr.Mubashir Kichloo
Youth Leader
Coordinator Doda Assembly Constituency
Contact Number:

Constituency Convenor
Contact Number: 7006202949

Mr.Khalid Bashir Mughal
Coordinator Tehsil Bhadarwah
Contact Number: 9797451786

Mr.Khadim Murtaza
Coordinator Block Bhadarwah
Contact Number: 9622177802

Mr.Touseef Ahmed Malik
Coordinator Tehsil Chilli Pongal Bhalessa
Contact Number: 9906728401

Mr.Younes Saleem
Coordinator Block Chilli
Contact Number: 8492882158

Mr.Mubashir Ali Khan
Coordinator Tehsil Gandoh Bhalessa
Contact Number: 9858557129

Mr.Parviz Shan
Coordinator Tehsil Ramban
Contact Number: 9796208540

Mr.Rajkumar Rakwal
Coordinator Block Ramban
Contact Number: 9797537303

Mr.K. K. Sharma
Coordinator Block Batote
Contact Number: 7006074092

Mr.Rashid Rather
Coordinator Tehsil Batote
Contact Number: 9858200071

Mr.Rashid Rather
Coordinator Tehsil Batote
Contact Number: 9858200071

Mr.Mohammed Tahir
Youth Leader Ramban
Contact Number: 8716880566

Mr.Aijaz Sohail
Coordinator Tehsil Ramsoo
Contact Number: 9622398494

Mr.Wasim Akram Malik
Coordinator Block Ramsoo
Contact Number: 7780857266

Mr.Bilal Wani
Coordinator Tehsil Pogal Paristan
Contact Number: 6005669264

Mr. Mohammed Hanif Bhat
Coordinator Block Ukhral
Contact Number: 9596680552

Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Naik
Coordinator Block Khari
Contact Number: 8082256710

Mr. Jaweed Ahmed Malik
Coordinator Tehsil Khari
Contact Number: 9682304840

Mr. Sheikh Ayaz Hussain
Advocate Coordinator Gulabgarh Constituency
Contact Number: 9622457786 | 9419298676

Mr. Walayat Ali Shah
Coordinator Tehsil Chasaana
Contact Number: 7051075479

Mr. Mohammed Ishaq
Coordinator Tehsil Mahore
Contact Number: 9622118017

Mr. Mohasin Ahmad
Coordinator Tehsil Thakarakote
Contact Number: 6005800690

Sumaia Kousar
Coordinator of Female Wing Tehsil Mahore
Contact Number: 7006802013

Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Wani
Convenor Reasi Assembly Constituency
Contact Number: 7889974808

Mr. Ram Paul Bhambhla
Coordinator Block Pouni
Contact Number: 9906707267

Mr. Mohammed Farooq Inqlabi
Convenor Darhal-Budhal Constituency
Contact Number: 7006023171

Mr. Shabir Badyal
Coordinator Tehsil Kotranka
Contact Number: 9596805796

Mr. Chowdhary Layaqat Ali
Coordinator Tehsil Khawas
Contact Number: 7006374880

Mr. Irfan Sagar Mirza
Coordinator Tehsil Darhal
Contact Number: 7006858799

Mr. Amjid Ali Khan
Contact Number: 7006127436

Mr. Asif Gulzar
Co-Coordinator Rajouri Constituency
Contact Number: 7006353438

Mr. Javid Iqbal
Convenor Kalakote Constituency
Contact Number: 9858826692

Mr. Jamil Ahmed
Coordinator Tehsil Teryath
Contact Number: 9149480307

Mr. Mobeen
Coordinator Surankote Constituency
Contact Number: 9779354134

Mr. Touseef Akram
Convenor Tehsil Surankote
Contact Number: 7006421016

Mr. Shajait Khan Rajput
Coordinator Block Lassana
Contact Number: 9596729363

Mr. Afaaq Dar
Co-Coordinator Potha Surankote
Contact Number: 9797633041

Dr. Jameel Khan
District Coordinator Poonch
Contact Number: 9469434799

Mr. Rydham Preet Singh
District Co-Coordinator Poonch
Contact Number: 7051181111

Mr. Awais Salaria
Constituency Coordinator, Poonch Haveli
Contact Number: 9419190060

Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Jatt
Coordinator, Tehsil Haveli
Contact Number: 9419190060

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