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Guiding Principles

The Party Position

What the party would seek to do







 Political Justice-Resolution of Kashmir          Issue

·         Dispute resolution by peaceful means.

·         Upholding the special and the composite character of Jammu and Kashmir state.

·         Embracing peaceful and democratic means of representation, engagement, dialogue. and resolution.

·         Rule of law and universal human rights shall have primacy over non peaceful means of dispute resolution and state militarism.

·         Building a society founded on the principles of peaceful coexistence, tolerance and freedom of thought.

·         For lasting peace in South Asian region, an immediate and result-oriented engagement between the principal parties on Kashmir dispute must be initiated keeping in view the aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.


·        The existing constitutional provisions with respect to the special status of J&K State under the Constitution of India, primarily the Article 370 and the Article 35A, has to be upheld and protected for sustaining the space for peaceful dialogue and resolution.


·         New Delhi and Islamabad must restore the dignity of the democratic project in J&K and respect the sanctity of the democratic system of representation and governance.


·         The constitutionally-mandated terms and jurisdiction of governance of J&K state must be respected, and the governance space be provided to democratically-elected governments of Jammu & Kashmir guided by the relevant constitutional provisions defining the terms of the relationship between the state and the union of India. 


·         JKPM shall uphold the plural nature of the social milieu of J&K where diverse religious and ethnic groups shall thrive in harmony.


·         Initiate steps towards national reconciliation in J&K based on the guiding principles of peaceful dialogue, mutual understanding and dignity of all peoples of J&K state.

·         Initiate steps towards peaceful dialogue and reconciliation between regions, sub-regions, social and sub-ethnic groups of J&K state.

·         Demilitarization from the civilian areas of the State shall be pursued.

·         The perception of police-state shall be changed by ensuring public accountability of all agencies of enforcement and subjecting security forces/paramilitary/police to democratic and civilian oversight.

·         Strengthening the institutions for protection of human rights.

·         All minorities and displaced people shall return to their homes in J&K with security and dignity.

·         Special legislation to deal with communal violence/mob lynching/vigilantism shall be brought in and the criminal justice system shall be strengthened for ensuing speedy justice to victims.

·         Any discourses that undermine tolerance, peaceful coexistence and freedom of expression shall not be allowed.


Pillar Two


Guiding Principles

The Party Position

What the party would seek to do





 People’s Dignity

·         Dignity of all the people of Jammu & Kashmir is paramount and non-negotiable.


·         All kinds of dissent shall be expressed through peaceful and civilized means.


·         People’s right to assemble peacefully, express themselves in the pursuit of their social, economic and human rights shall be upheld in all circumstances.


·         All parties across the political divide shall uphold people’s dignity in all circumstances.


·         Constitutional and internationally-recognized human rights, including basic civil liberties, of the people of Jammu & Kashmir must be respected to create a conducive environment for peaceful and democratic means of engagement and conflict resolution.


·         State must engage with people’s peaceful expression of dissent through dignified and peaceful means. Uncivilized and  law-and-order means  and militarism in engaging with peaceful dissent ought to be discouraged.


·         Armed Forces Special Powers Act has no place in a set-up that seeks to promote the sanctity of democracy and peaceful means of dispute resolution.


·         A political consensus shall be developed towards questioning the utility of Disturbed Areas Act and Public Safety Act in an environment of democratic engagement.  

·         Create a people’s movement across Jammu & Kashmir so that the penal provisions related to criminalization of even benign acts of dissent are revised and democratic space for non-violent dissent is enlarged.


·         The party would engage in multi-level dialogue for creating an environment so that people of J&K shall not have to face day-to-day humiliations in the civilian-non-civilian interface.


·         JKPM shall work towards the abrogation of PSA, AFSPA and promote the idea of humane rule of law. 


·         An environment of reconciliation needs that political prisoners who have been serving protracted terms shall be released and JKPM shall seek release of all political prisoners.

·         JKPM shall ensure that the civilian-security forces interface is minimized and wherever such interaction is unavoidable; there shall be complete adherence to principles of mutual respect, human dignity and non-violence.


·         The policy of absolute non-interference and respect shall be ensured for the people living closer to border-areas, journalists, civilians seeking fulfilment of their civic demands, farmers working closer to security establishments etc.

Pillar Three


Guiding Principles

The Party Position

What the party would seek to do





  Economic self-reliance

·         Dignity is in self-help.


·         (Khud-inhisaari mein qaumi viqar hai)


·         The state shall facilitate private business development, innovation and entrepreneurship rather than act as a business running entity. The state business development model shall be based on the expansion of the ambit of private business enterprises through product and services excellence, competitiveness and innovation rather than state subsidies alone.

·         JKPM shall work towards building a new economic order in J&K based on the promotion of private enterprise, entrepreneurship, innovation and self-help, with wide participation of men and women in the state’s economic system.


·         JKPM shall work towards building an economic system that will foster private business, innovation and business development in the core strength areas of Jammu & Kashmir state. It would also undertake a comprehensive review of the suitability and sustainability of the business models of the existing public enterprises of Jammu & Kashmir state. That the scope of the private investment shall be expanded in the state by facilitating an even playing field for investment and healthy competition in the production of goods and provision of services.



·         Private higher education sector needs to be opened up for private-public partnership and other sustainable investment models towards enhanced participation and the quality of industry-customized higher education system in the state.

·         JKPM shall build a grassroots movement for “import substitution” and promote the slogan of BE GLOBAL – BUY LOCAL.


·         The business environment shall be made investor friendly by replicating international best practices in ease of doing business. The government regulations in this regard shall be relaxed and the bureaucratic hassles and official procedures shall be further streamlined.


·         Creation of expanded business opportunities for employment within the state through encouragement of innovative investment models by both resident and non-resident Jammu & Kashmir citizens, including the Diaspora members belonging to minority communities.


·         JKPM shall initiate steps towards public-private-partnerships for public service delivery and management of the public assets towards enhanced productivity and production efficiency.


·         The public investment framework shall be reviewed and redesigned towards creation of optimum employment opportunities, linked to optimum productivity and efficiency models.


·         Special livelihood models of self-reliance and sustainability shall be introduced for people living below poverty line and those belonging to other marginalized communities.



Pillar Four



Guiding Principles

The Party Position

What the party would seek to do






Sustainable Development

·         Until the J&K’s larger political question is resolved, people’s lives cannot be let to suffer for want of effective and impact-oriented development.


·         JKPM recognizes that sustainable development is an important factor in ushering in improved socio-economic wellbeing and conflict moderation. 


·         JKPM also recognizes that the people of J&K, for many years, have had to endure untold suffering and misery for want of accountability and strong public opinion in the provision of life-saving development services.


·         Development cannot be a detestable paradigm of political governance, considering the fact that it is the people’s resources in the shape of their taxes that go in shaping the nature and the architecture of public expenditure and the overarching development in Jammu & Kashmir. 


·         It is imperative for responsible and judicious use of people’s tax money by the state that Jammu & Kashmir state promotes the idea of citizen rights and obligations going hand in hand in promoting sustainable development and wellbeing of the people.



·         Will ensure that Jammu & Kashmir state embraces the Sustainable Development Goals as overarching development goals and subject itself to annual evaluation in progress and performance in sustainable development.

·         Embed United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in all the areas of development planning at the public policy level in Jammu & Kashmir state.


·         Develop a comprehensive framework for setting a result-oriented sustainable development agenda, including an evaluation and performance framework   towards an effective accountability and self appraisal system. That framework will also seek to develop a transparent system of downward and upward accountability covering both the grassroots democratic institutions and higher levels of decision making in the state. 


·         JKPM shall make sustainability, disaster risk reduction-linked development paradigm, climate change mitigation and environmental conservation as important themes of economic development. 




Pillar Five


Guiding Principles

The Party Position

What the party would seek to do






  Social justice

·         Work towards a society based on principles of social justice, improved quality of living of its people, dignity of women and the rights of children.


·         To work closely with the civil society in addressing the existing social problems in Jammu & Kashmir, especially those confronted by women, children and marginalized communities and social groups.


·         Promoting equality before the law shall be the cornerstone in JKPM’s social justice program.


·         Access to legal remedy for weaker sections of the society shall be simplified.


·         Women must have due say in shaping their social and economic life.


·         People’s right to information from the state has to be strengthened for improved accountability of the public administrative systems.





·         JKPM shall seek to acquire for the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir affordable, accessible and quality healthcare and education as the top-most priority of its development agenda..

·         Strengthening the service delivery in existing health-care institutions, by developing and adopting a ground-breaking Public Healthcare Program Program, which the primary objectives of reforming public healthcare system and the provision of affordable and quality health care to all people of J&K state. The program shall include a suitable health-insurance cover for the people of Jammu & Kashmir.

·         Design and implement J&K School Education Modernisation Program to prepare the state’s children for meeting the imperatives and challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

·         Design and Implement J&K Higher Education Reform and Restructuring Program aimed at modernizing and customizing the education system to the needs of the changing global job market.

·         ncreasing labor force participation rate for women in the state and incentivizing education of girl children.

·         Appropriately strengthening the judicial system of Jammu & Kashmir for enhanced time effectiveness in dealing with the huge backlog of judicial cases in the state’s courts.


Pillar Six


Guiding Principles

The Party Position

What the party would seek to do






  Public Accountability

·         A credible, just and effective governance model is only possible in Jammu & Kashmir when all the state organs and public administrative systems remain fully accountable to the people and their elected representatives.


·         For establishing people’s trust in the government administrative system it is highly important for the government administration to remain humane, just, transparent, accountable and efficient in the delivery of pubic services.



·         Archaic, feudal and colonial style of governance must be replaced in Jammu & Kashmir by a dignified, effective and efficient governance model.


·         For instilling a sense of confidence among the youth of Jammu & Kashmir, who have developed scepticism towards the perceived unjust nature of public life, towards the government system, it is critical that accountability regime is applicable across the public life spectrum in J&K, including ruling political systems and public services.


·         Public accountability shall have to be strengthened through a radical initiative towards establishing an autonomous J&K State Accountability Bureau, which shall have all the requisite legal authority to take sou motto cognisance of instances of misuse and misappropriation of public resources by those in power, and initiate legal actions.


·         When in power JKPM shall initiate a radical Administrative Reforms Program that will seek to make the government system more accountable, efficient and transparent.


·         J&K’s Right to Information law shall be further strengthened to ensure transparency in decision-making at state level, and prevent misuse of authority and power.


·         The party will undertake a comprehensive review of the e-governance programs implemented in the state so far and take concrete measures in ushering in a robust e-governance regime in the entire Jammu & Kashmir state.


·         For improved public administrative accountability, institutional efficiency and performance evaluation, JKPM shall embrace management-driven institutional administrative regime in contrast to the existing generalist administrative and management models.


·         JKPM shall adopt the new paradigm of outcome-oriented public administrative system as against the existing output-oriented system.


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The party shall seek to resolve the long pending Kashmir problem through peaceful means as per the will and aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir state

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